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Welcome to Williamson Medical Center. We are pleased that you will be coming to our facility as a component of your clinical education this academic term.


Please review each section below to prepare
for your first day of clinical!

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Review each section below by clicking on each grey topic box.  Note the following icons and their meaning:

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Unless otherwise noted, review all content.

  • Some content will be targeted for specific students based upon their program of study such as nursing, respiratory therapy, physical therapy, etc.  Only review this content if it applies to YOU!
  • For healthcare system orientations, some content may only apply to a specific facility.  Only review this content if you are assigned to that specific facility.

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Driving & Parking

Link Opens in New Window!  Driving Instructions


 popup    Parking Map

Please be aware towing may occur if you choose not to park in the designated student/instructor/observation parking area.  If unable to find parking in the designated area please contact Williamson Medical Center Security at 615-435-5421.

Orientation Content


Please review the key information listed below that you will need to know about Williamson Medical Center and our patient care practices.

popup Campus Guide

popup  Map of Facility

popup  Please review the following policies that contain Williamson Medical Center specific content related to both our dress code and safety procedures here at the hospital.   All of the following open in a popup window!

 Code Adam

 Code Alpha

 Hostile Situation

 Dress Code

Review the following based upon your role/program of study:

Link Opens in New Window! Nursing Orientation Part 1

        Link Opens in New Window! Nursing Orientation Part 2

Link Opens in New Window!Healthcare Professional Orientation Part 1

Link Opens in New Window!Healthcare Professional Orientation Part 2

Link Opens in New Window!Non-Clinical Professional Orientation – for those individuals that do not perform direct patient care.

EMR Training

Nursing and Respiratory students will receive special EMR training prior to your clinical start date as a required attendance.

Forms to Complete


popup  Parking Form – The parking information form must be completed and submitted to the hospital education department prior to any clinical rotation and or observation at Williamson Medical Center.  Clinical Instructors who are bringing in groups should submit all student forms together.  If you are not part of a clinical group or are coming in as an observation/shadow student then the form should be emailed to the education department.

In addition, submit the following to your instructor or your school as directed if this is not already on file with your school.  Check with your instructor if you have a question.

  • Copy of currently applicable certification cards from American Heart Association: BLS (ACLS, PALS, NRP for appropriate students)/ NOT required for Dietetic students/non-clinical students
  • For Lab Tech Student only—Temporary License Work Permit from the State of TN
Take the Quiz

To complete your orientation, you will need to return to the TCPS Quiz Management System to take and pass a short quiz related to the content presented in this orientation. You will need your QUIZ Username/Password that you created when taking the General Orientation Quiz. Please do not set up a new Quiz account if you have used the system this academic year. If you need assistance with retrieving your QUIZ Username & Password, please use the Get Help Link. If you have not yet set up a Quiz account, refer to the OrientPro FAQ Linkquiz-icon for assistance. Make sure that you take the appropriate quiz for your role!

Williamson Medical Center Nursing Quiz AY2020-2021
Williamson Medical Center Healthcare Quiz AY2020-2021
Williamson Medical Center Non-Clinical Quiz AY2020-2021

ALL Students:  Williamson Medical Center COVID-19 Attestation AY2020-2021

Please write the quiz name down to avoid taking needless quizzes. Remember that your FERPA release allows your quiz data to be shared with TCPS Clinical Facilities. You will have the opportunity to print a completion certificate once you pass the quiz.

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Your input is important! Please provide us with feedback about your orientation experiences for this facility and offer suggestions for process improvement

Link Opens in New Window!  Williamson Medical Center Evaluation

Optional Facility Website and Career Opportunities

Link Opens in New Window!If you would like to learn more about our facilities, please visit our website.

Link Opens in New Window!If you would like information about potential job openings, check out the Careers section of our website!

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