TriStar Meditech Training for Nursing Students


Welcome to Meditech Training for all of the TriStar Health facilities. We are pleased that you will be coming to one of our facilities as a component of your clinical education this academic term.

Please visit each of the tabs below to learn about our electronic health record system and prepare for your first day of clinical!

You will need approximately 3 hours to complete this content not including the time needed to take the quiz. This content should be viewed using a laptop or a computer. It is not compatible with tablets.

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printDownload and Print the popup Student Nurse Quick Reference Guide as a reference for this training.

Complete each of the following modules.

Link Opens in New Window! Each module will open in a new window. Upon completion, CLOSE the NEW window to return and select the next module. You will need approximately 13 minutes to complete this section.

1. Introduction & Navigation (2:51 minutes)

2. Meditech Keyboard & Mouse (4:47 minutes)

3. Meditech SignOn (5:04 minutes)



Patient Care Part 1 

Link Opens in New Window! PT-CareEach module will open in a new window. You will need approximately 24 minutes to complete this section.

4. Administrative Data (3:42 minutes)

5. Patient Care Inquiry (PCI) (4:30minutes)

6. Clinical Review (8:20 minutes)

7. Status Board (7:56 minutes)

Patient Care 2

elderlyPatientCareLink Opens in New Window!Each module will open in a new window.  You will need approximately 60 minutes to complete this section.

 8. Process Interventions Navigation (3:02 minutes)

 9.  EBCD Navigation (4:45 minutes)

 10. Teach-Educate (3:16 minutes)

 11. Vital Signs (4:07 minutes)

 12. Assessment Full Body (6:42 minutes)

 13. Routine Daily Care (1:55 minutes)

 14. Selected Focus Systems (3:13 minutes)

 15. IV Start (6:12 minutes)

 16. IV Monitor (2:19 minutes)

 17. View History (3:48 minutes)

 18. View History Edit (3:43 minutes)

 19. IV Instance (4:48 minutes)

 20. Patient Notes (11:49 minutes)

Pain Management

Link Opens in New Window! Each module will open in a new window.  You will need approxipain2mately 9 minutes to complete this section.

21. Pain Assessment (1:44 minutes)

22. Pain Medication Administration (3:02 minutes)

23. Pain Reassessment (3:53 minutes)




Medication Administration

Link Opens in New Window!MedAdminEach module will open in a new window.  You will need approximately 67 minutes to complete this section.

 24. Bar Code Medication Administration Introduction (16:11 minutes)

 25. Student Medication Review (3:55 minutes)

 26. Single Medication Administration (8:52 minutes)

 27. Lower – Higher Dose Administration (11:45 minutes)

 28. Comfort Medication Administration (3:54 minutes)

 29.  Insulin Administration (3:13 minutes)

 30. Editing Medication Administration Entries (6:23 minutes)

 31. Other Functions (8:53 minutes)

 32. Clinical Pharmacology (3:25 minutes)

TriStar Meditech Training Quiz

quiz-iconTo complete your orientation, you will need to return to the TCPS Quiz Management System to take and pass a short quiz related to the content presented in this orientation.

You will need your QUIZ Username/Password that you created when taking the General Orientation Quiz. Please do not set up a new Quiz account if you have used the system this academic year. If you need assistance with retrieving your QUIZ Username & Password, please use the Get Help Link. If you have not yet set up a Quiz account, refer to the OrientPro FAQ Link for assistance.

 Make sure that you take the appropriate quiz!

TriStar Meditech Training QUIZ AY2020-2021

Please write the quiz name down to avoid taking needless quizzes. Remember that your FERPA release allows your quiz data to be shared with TCPS Clinical Facilities. You will have the opportunity to print a completion certificate once you pass the quiz.

Link Opens in New Window! Take the Quiz  Close the Quiz Screen to return to this page!

Meditech Training Evaluation

feedbackYour input is important! Please provide us with feedback about your orientation experiences for this online Meditech Training and offer suggestions for process improvement.

Link Opens in New Window! TriStar Meditech Training Evaluation  


To receive your username and password you must submit your completed Confidentiality and Security Agreement found in your assigned TriStar facility’s orientation content to your school or instructor.

You will receive your username and password from your instructor prior to or on your first clinical day.