Partnership Fees

Partners pay an annual partnership fee to participate in the regional and state partnerships. This annual licensing fee provides users with full access to the OrientPro and PlacementPro services and related support materials for an academic year. Partnership fees are calculated using a sliding scale based upon resource usage.

  • Fees for acute care facilities are based upon average daily census and staffed beds.
  • Fees for healthcare schools are based upon student headcounts
  • Other healthcare settings have variable fee structures related to student capacity and structure of the learning opportunities.

EvalPro is a premium service that can be licensed for use during a given academic year. Fees for this service are also scalable based upon the size of the organization and scope of the evaluation project.

Contact Us to get a specific quote for your partnership fee! The Tennessee Clinical Placement System℠ is committed to crafting a plan for sustainability while minimizing the cost to partners.

How much does it cost?

Pricing varies based upon the size of a school or healthcare facility!