Welcome to Tennova Healthcare. We are pleased that you will be coming to one of our facilities as a component of your clinical education this academic term.

Please review each section below to prepare
for your first day of clinical!


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  • Some content will be targeted for specific students based upon their program of study such as nursing, respiratory therapy, physical therapy, etc.  Only review this content if it applies to YOU!
  • For healthcare system orientations, some content may only apply to a specific facility.  Only review this content if you are assigned to that specific facility.

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Driving & Parking

parkingSee Parking Guidelines in the Student Orientation content.

Link Opens in New Window! Driving Instructions for each campus are listed on this link.  Specific parking information is listed as available.

  • Turkey Creek Medical Center:  Park on the other side of the Blue Line on the back side of the hospital near the helipad.
  • North Knoxville Medical Center:  Park near the pond in the first parking lot on the left after you turn onto Dannaher Drive.
  • LaFollette Medical Center: Park in bottom parking lot on the left below ER entrance.
  • Jefferson Memorial Hospital:  Park in lot west of the Medical Office Building
  • Newport Medical Center: Park behind the Nursing Home.



Orientation Content

HCprofsPlease review the key information listed below that you will need to know about Tennova Healthcare East and our patient care practices.

Link Opens in New Window!
Welcome to Tennova East Orientation Part 1

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Welcome to Tennova East Orientation Part 2


EMR Training

emrThere is no online information related to our CareManager System.

Forms to Complete

signformTennova Healthcare East uses the TCPS Confidentiality Form that is digitally signed as a pre-requisite for taking the General Orientation Quiz.

Download, sign, and submit the following additional forms to your instructor/school only if you will be going to North Knoxville or Turkey Creek.  

Tennova Student Packet for AY2020-2021 – Read, sign and give the complete packet to your instructor.  There are 9 pages for this combined document/form – ALL pages must be submitted.  Instructors should sign the WITNESS components of this form for each student.

Nursing Students Only:  Complete the User Access Request Form

Take the Quiz


To complete your orientation, you will need to return to the TCPS Quiz Management System to take and pass a short quiz related to the content presented in this orientation. You will need your QUIZ Username/Password that you created when taking the General Orientation Quiz. Please do not set up a new Quiz account if you have used the system this academic year. If you need assistance with retrieving your QUIZ Username & Password, please use the Get Help Link. If you have not yet set up a Quiz account, refer to the OrientPro FAQ Link for assistance.

Role -related quizzes are listed in the Quiz Catalog as:

Tennova East Nursing Quiz AY2020-2021

Tennova East Healthcare Quiz AY2020-2021

Please write down the quiz name for your role to avoid taking needless quizzes. Remember that your FERPA release allows your quiz data to be shared with TCPS Clinical Facilities. You will have the opportunity to print a completion certificate once you pass your quiz.

Link Opens in New Window! Take the Quiz  Close the Quiz Screen to return to this page!


feedbackYour input is important! Please provide us with feedback about your orientation experiences for this facility and offer suggestions for process improvement.

Link Opens in New Window!Tennova Healthcare East Evaluation

Optional Facility Website and Career Opportunities

Link Opens in New Window!If you would like to learn more about our facilities, please visit our website.

Link Opens in New Window!If you would like information about potential job openings, check out the Careers section of our website!


Orientation Complete!

This completes the online orientation for this facility.

If you have other facility orientations to complete, please use the menu on your right to access additional facilities as assigned by clicking on the Step 2 link!

If you have completed your assigned facility orientations, simply close your browser window to exit!