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Instructor Orientation

Welcome to Methodist LeBonheur Healthcare. We are pleased that you will be bringing your students to our facility as a component of their clinical education this academic term.  Instructors are expected to review all the student content in preparation for bringing/sending students to our facility.

Please review the sections below to learn more about our clinical practices for Instructors!


Student Documentation

checklistStudents and Faculty coming to Methodist LeBonheur are required to have their clinical requirements as outlined in the affiliation agreement or other communication available for review in PlacementPro . Faculty information must include licensure information for programs of study where licensure is required.

Each student/instructor clinical requirement record will be reviewed PRIOR to the clinical placement start date.  All data must be in PlacementPro within 30 days prior to the start date and no later than two weeks before the start date.  This includes the completion of General and Methodist Facility orientations. Refer the TCPS CRM process guidelines for additional step by step guidance.

Vehicle Registration Process:

  • Parking Registration Forms must be completed using the forms provided in the Student Orientation.
  • License plate numbers must be included on the form.
  • Be sure all forms are complete and legible or they will be returned and clinical access delayed.
Instructor Orientation
EMR Training


Faculty and students that use the Cerner EMR are required to complete the online training found in the student orientation.

All Cerner Access requests will be submitted by the school.  Please contact for the current form.  No paper forms will be accepted.

Nursing Faculty Review of Student Documentation

Faculty should observe all medication administration by the student nurses. A computer should be taken to the bedside when medications are administered.  At the end of your shift, review the MAR to ensure that all medications have been administered and documented.  Faculty should document review of Iview documentation using the RN Review section located in the VS Band.  Indicate each section reviewed in the RN bands/ forms reviewed section. Review of multiple I-view bands can be documented with one entry.

Forms to Complete


Instructors, please complete the following form and submit to your Clinical Coordinator for upload.

popup Instructor Acknowledgement AY2020-2021

Submit the following forms as completed and collected from your students:

Parking Forms – Submit the appropriate form (Methodist or LeBonheur) based upon your clinical assignments.  Old versions of the forms will NOT be accepted!

Lebonheur forms may be submitted via email to

Germantown submit in person to Security

South submit in person to Security

No forms are needed for North, University and Olive Branch

Take the Faculty Quiz


quiz-iconFaculty are to take the Methodist LeBonheur Instructor Quiz AY2020-2021 AND complete the Methodist LeBonheur Instructor Attestation AY2020-2021!

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Take the Quiz  Close the Quiz Screen to return to this page!



Your input is important! Please provide us with feedback about your orientation experiences for this facility and offer suggestions for process improvement.

Link Opens in New Window!Methodist LeBonheur Health Evaluation  (This is the same evaluation link that is found in the student content)  

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