The Challenges within Clinical Education!

In discussions with educators and clinical facilities across the nation back in 2005 (see History & Growth of TCPS to learn more), barriers and challenges related to clinical education from both perspectives were identified. Which of these barriers are your struggling with?



  • Knowledge about available clinical learning opportunities.
  • Too many or too few students at clinical facilities.
  • Time required to secure placements – both in the school and the clinical facility.
  • Double placement of student groups.
  • Lack of placement data in a format that can be used for reporting.



  • Redundant clinical orientation requirements and content.
  • Using a clinical day for facility orientation.
  • Time required for facility or school educators to orient students to assigned facilities.



  • Ability to consistently evaluate clinical placements against learning outcomes.
  • Limited ability to evaluate clinical preceptors.



  • Inconsistent teaching
  • Learning experiences with clinical preceptors.