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You will need the CONTENT Username/Password provided by your school or facility for Academic Year 2013-2014! Do NOT attempt to take a quiz until you have reviewed the orientation content and related quiz instructions.

Orientation for Nursing Students Nursing Students: Students who are in a Practical, Associate or Baccalaureate nursing programs should use this orientation. Students should NOT currently have an RN License. Nursing faculty in these programs may use this orientation or the Nurses/MDs/PAs program below.
Orientation for Nurses, MDs & PAs Nurses/MDs/PAs: Students who currently have a RN License and are pursuing RN to BSN studies or in a Graduate Nursing Program leading toward an advanced nursing degree; MDs and PAs in internships or residency programs. Faculty in any nursing, medical school or physicians assistant programs may also use this orientation.
Orientation for Healthcare Professionals Healthcare Professionals/ Students: This orientation is designed for professionals/students who are in a Healthcare-Related Academic Program (such as Certified Nursing Assistant, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy, Nutrition, Medical Assisting, Labratory, Radiology, etc.) - OR - a Health Occupations Student (HOSA) in High School preparing to observe in the healthcare setting. Faculty from any of these programs of study should also use this orientation.
Orientation for Non-Clinical Students & Workers Non-Clinical Students and Workers: This orientation is designed for students and healthcare workers who do not provide hands on care to patients. Examples of individuals in this category are Chaplains, Social Workers, Food Service, Security, Information Technology, etc. Faculty from any of these programs of study should also use this orientation.