Welcome to TCPS℠!

TCPS is Temporarily CLOSED to update for the new academic year!The Tennessee Clinical Placement System (TCPS) is a partnership of clinical facilities and healthcare academic programs committed to building capacity in healthcare education and demonstrating best practices for student onboarding withinthe healthcare setting.

This site is currently closed for content updates for the new academic term that begins in August 2014. It will reopen on or before August 4, 2014. If you would like to learn more about TCPS, please contact us here.

All Students & Faculty: The site will reopen for student and faculty use on or before August 4, 2014. New content username/password information will be needed for the new academic year. Please check with your school to obtain this information.

TN PARTNERS: You may access your clinical placement information through TCPS PlacementPro HERE! You will need the TN Partner username/password to review placements or your usual login to make placement requests. If you need additional assistance during the downtime, please contact Pam Taylor or use the online Contact Us form as needed.