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The Tennessee Clinical Placement System (TCPS) is a partnership of clinical facilities and healthcare academic programs committed to building capacity in healthcare education and demonstrating best practices for student onboarding within the healthcare setting.

Guests - We encourage you to use our Guest Links on the left to learn more about how this partnership has improved our student onboarding process and created a statewide network for clinical placements. You may also want to visit the TCPS National Site to learn how the Total Clinical Placement System is involved with other states!

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New for 2014!NOTE: The following updates were made in the OrientPro content for Janaury 2014. No username/password changes were made.

General Orientation - NO updates
Facility Specific Update:

  • Centennial Medical Center - Nashville
  • CMC at Ashland City
  • Methodist Health has added content for their Olive Branch Mississippi location
  • TriStar Meditech Training - for all TriStar organization in Middle Tennessee & Chattanooga
  • Vanderbilt Stallworth Rehabilitation Hospital
  • Williamson Medical Center - Franklin

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